‘Spiritual Discovery: How You Can Better The World’, by: Tom McElroy; recorded 3/25/22

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SPONSORS: this free talk on Christian Science is sponsored by your neighbors at the: -Christian Science Society, South Whidbey: & -Christian Science Church, Oak Harbor:

This Talk: Discovery progresses humanity throughout history, through new inventions or new views of human rights. Spiritual discovery is about stripping away surface-level appearances to see our lives & the world through the nature of an all-good God that is Life & Love. This talk is about how we find real change & healing through new views of people, power, & prayer.

Christian Science is an approach to Christianity based on the idea that divine truth & love which shone through Jesus’ life & works is timeless, universal, & understandable, & so can be experienced through healing in our lives today.

The speaker, Tom McElroy, worked in finance after college, & volunteered as a prison Chaplain in men’s, women’s, & youth correctional facilities. Now, as a Christian Science practitioner, he prays with people from many different walks of life in order to help them find spiritually-based solutions to issues ranging from health problems to financial & relationship difficulties. Tom has spoken about the practice of Christian Science for general audiences, & groups in universities, churches, & prisons, throughout North America, Europe, Africa & Australasia.

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